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2008 Campaign

2008 Campaign


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Only mere hours remain until the end of 2008!

We have an opportunity to raise $20,000 through an anonymous challenge grant issued to Chabad of the West Valley.

Every dollar we raise between now and December 31st 2009, will be matched dollar for dollar by this grant.

 We are turning to you now, please help us realize this goal, by contributing $54.. $100..$180..$360..$540..$1,800..$3,600 or any amount you can afford.

NOW is the time to get all those end of year deductions in. 

You may mail a check, or go directly here Donate through our secure web page for this.

We thank and acknowledge those who contributed last year to our drive in many varied dollar ammounts:

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Swartz * Dr. & Mrs. Gary Goodman * Mr. Zalman Hirsch * Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schwartz *ANONYMOUS * Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fineman of EyesWest optical * Mrs. Ellen Cooper * Mr. & Mrs. Stan Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Raefsky * Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Elbling * Dr. Larry Paule * Mr. Stuart Conn * ANONYMOUS * Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moskowitz * Mr. & Mrs. Gassner * Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Becker * Ms. Joy Epstein * Dr. & Mrs. Marc Kay * Mr. & Mrs. Mark Newton * ANONYMOUS * Mr. & Mrs. Ben Zlochower * Mr. & Mrs. Atlansky *Mr. & Mrs. Jake Yehuda * Dr. & Mrs. David Sheitelman * Mr. & Mrs. Safonoff * Mr.& Mrs. Scarf * Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Blake * Mr. & Mrs. David Rothschild * Mr. & Mrs. Evan & Tracey  Greenwald in honor of Evan's Grandfather & Tracey's Grandmother * Mr. Fred Shapiro & Mrs. Eileen Appleton-Shapiro * Mr. & Mrs. Albert & Dorothy Zaretsky in honor of their children and Grandchildren * Mr. & Mrs. Stan Grossman in honor of their newborn Grandson * Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Gordon * Mrs. Sheri McBroom * Mrs. Bea Eisenberg * Mr. Mort Bercovitch * Mr. & Mrs. Duane Bradley * Mrs. Marilyn Sloan * Mr. & Mrs. Burt Stolove in memory of Burt's mother, Reshi Bas Itzak * Mr. Josh Hope * Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Paul (Yakov) Krakow in honor of Rabbi Sholom Lew for his authentic input of Judaism in Arizona * Mr. & Mrs. Carin Woods and Aaron * Ms. Donna Greenberg * Mr.& Mrs. Marc & Mona Eskinazi in memory of Esther & Salomon Eskinazi * Dr. & Mrs. Joe and Josh Caplan * Ms. Cecily Merdes in honor of the newest grandchildren twins Taylor and Zachary born Dec.12 * Dr. & Mrs. Harold Cohen in memory of Charles and Rachel (Gert) Cohen (parents of Harold A. Cohen) and in memory of the innocents at Mumbai * Mr. & Mrs. Norm Siegel * Dr. & Mrs. David Shipitofsky * Mr. & Mrs. Kereramat Noorollah * Mr. & Mrs. Rankin, For a Happy and Healthy New Year In memory of my father Luzer, my brother Simon, my inlaws Blanche and George and my friends Cathy and Phil who are watching over us *


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