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2009 Campaign

2009 Campaign





Campaign Goal: $10,000




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For the past three years, with the generosity of an anonymous benefactor, we have been blessed to raise significant funds toward our Children's Scholarship Fund through our "end of year challenge grant".
We realize that the past year has been for many a challenging year economically, and the overall business climate is still somewhat uncertain, nevertheless we have secured once again a matching grant of $10,000 from an anonymous benefactor.
For every dollar we raise from December 1,2010 until December 31,2010, will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.
The catch however is, that we have only until the 31st of December with which to meet this challenge.  
Yes, this year has been a challenging one. Yes, there is still some uncertainty about the coming year, and Yes, we are fielding more requests than ever from families requiring our assistance more than ever.
But we can all help, by making the effort of coming together to ensure we do indeed raise a total of $10,000 this month!
Please consider donating to this important campaign.
Please remember, your contribution is tax deductible and may relieve somewhat your taxable liability for 2009*. Click Here to DONATE or for more information.

REMEMBER every dollar we raise between now and December 31st 2010, will be matched dollar for dollar by this grant.

please help us realize this goal, by contributing $54.. $100..$180..$360..$540..$1,800..$3,600 or any amount you can afford.

NOW is the time to get all those end of year deductions in. 

You may mail a check, or go directly here Donate through our secure web page for this.

We thank and acknowledge our 2009 campaign contibutors to date:

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fineman of EyesWest Optical * Mr. & Mrs. Duane Bradley & Family * Mr. & Mrs. Eileen Cohen * Mr. Zalman (Harvey) Hirsch * Mr. & Mrs. Betie Newton * Mr. & Mrs. Berkley * Mr. & Mrs. Safonoff * Mr. Elliott Sloane * Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Zlochower * Dr. Larry Paule * Mr. & Mrs. Marvin and Marjorie Gordon; In honor of Mrs. Chana and Rabbi Lew in teaching us the beauty and oneness of being a Jew * Dr & Mrs. Gary Goodman; In loving memory of Gary's Father, Mother and Sister * Mr. & Mrs. Stan Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schwartz * Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bonn * Mrs. & Mr. Eileen Appleton-Shapiro * Mr. & Mrs. Elbling * Mrs. Marilyn Bostick * Mr. & Mrs. Manny Raefsky * Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moskowitz * Dr. & Mrs. David Sheitelman of Sheitelman Chiropractic * Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Sharon Noorollah; in loving memory of Aziz Behboodikhah * Mr. Stuart (Shimon) Conn * Dr. Charles Hecht * Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Caplan; In honor of their Son, Josh. May he be blessed with health and long life! * Mr. & Mrs. Irn Weinberg * Mr. Mort Bercovitch; in honor of his birthday * Mr. & Dr. Stuart & Adrienne Kirschner; In honor of Jerusalem—may it forever be our spiritual home * Mr. & Mrs. Howard Zaretsky; In memory of Rav Meir Kahane Z"TL - one of the few sounding the alarm for the Jewish people to wake up * Mr. & Mrs. William Bernstein * Mr. & Mrs. Sam Mendelowitz * Mr. Michael Rapaport * Ms. Elana Zinder * Rabbi & Mrs. Eli and Reizl Rosenfeld * Mr. & Mrs. David Rothschild * Ms. Ruth Rakofsky;  In honor of my good friends may we all live in health, happiness and prosperity * Mr. & Mrs. John McIntosh; in honor of their family and in memory of Sam Miller * Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Blake * Mrs. Marilyn Sloan * Mr. & Mrs. Sue Rankin * Ms. Penny Wallace;  "In memory of My mother, Esther bat Moshe Aryeh whose yahtzeit is in January" * Ms. Tamara Fathi * Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kinard;  In memory of Ayala & Abraham Tammam. May everyone have a healthy & fruitful 2010! G‑d Bless us all * Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Harry Greene * Mr. & Mrs. Zach Brooks of the Jewish Collection * 

$11,632 was raised!


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