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2010 campaign

2010 campaign





Campaign Goal: $10,000




Total Raised!











We have raised thus far: $11,864!

Thank you to all whom have contributed toward this campaign, with your help, we not only reached our goals, but surpassed it. We anticipate this will be matched tot he dollar even over the original ammount. Thank you!

Mr. Zalman (Harvey) Hirsch * Dr. Charles Hecht * Dr. Pesach (Paul) Block * Dr. Larry Paule * Mr. & Mrs. Marcie Poole , in honor of: Mrs. Poole's Mother's (Shirley Gerschenson) 97th Birthday on 12/7/10 and in honor of the Lew family and Chanukah at Westgate * Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fineman for speedy recovery of their Grandson Ezra Aviel Ben Hertzelia Shaindel * Mr. & Mrs. Talmon Hertz * Mr. & Mrs. Betie Newton * Mr. & Mrs. Stan Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Uri Shemesh * Dr. & Mrs. David Sheitelman of Sheitelman Chiropractic * Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schwartz * Mr. & Mrs. Jordon Elbling * Mr. & Mrs. Manny Raefsky - In honor of the newest addition to the Lew family * Ms. Kelly Batalla - in honor of the newest addition to the Lew family * Mr. Joshua Heilbum in honor of Yeshayahu Lew * Mr. & Mrs. Israel Greenwald * Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel Lew * Mrs. Rivkah Levinsohn * Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Gordon * Mr. Mort Bercovitch; in honor of whatever...* Dr. & Joseph Caplan * Mr. Allan Levy * Mr. & Mrs. Serge Roussell; in honor of baby "Shaya" Lew * Mr. & Mrs. Norm and Frankie Siegel; in honor of the birth of "Shaya" Lew * Mr. J. Hinden * Ms. Chaya Lew; in honor of her Bas Mitzvah * Dr. & Mrs. Gary and Penny Goodman * Mr. Fred and Mrs. Eileen Shapiro; in honor of the Appleton Grandchildren * Mrs. Laura Becker; To my sister, Anne Nieman And to Michael Simon * Mr. & Mrs. Ben Zlochower * Mr. & Mrs. David Rothschild * Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Cecilia Solomon * Anonymous * Ms. Ruth Rakofsky; In honor of my good friends may we all live in health, happiness and prosperity, and in loving memory of my dear mother Masha Bas Reb Yisroel * Ms. Marilyn Sloan * Mr. & Mrs. Dov and Sue Giloni * Rabbi & Mrs. Leo Abrami * Ms. Amy Lesnick; In honor of: "My Daughter Cia & my Son David celebrating their upcoming Bnai Mitzvah with The West Valley Chabad on 5-14-11" * Mr. & Mrs. Al and Tziporah Caplan * Mr. Jacob Strumwasser * Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Robbin Swartz * Mr. & Mrs. Tony Noorollah * Mr. & Mrs. Marc Eskinzai; In loving memory of his dear parents * Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert and Elizabeth Blake; In memory of Bessie and Leo Blake * Mr. & Mrs. George (Yeshaya Osher) Fleming * Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Sue Rankin; "In honor of my grandchild Zoey born November 17, 2010" * Janice & Steve Rothschid; In honor of The Birth of Rabbi & Rebitizen Lew's new Son * Mr. Mendel Beck * Mr. & Mrs. David Heiblum; In honor of Josh Heiblum * Mr. David Lesnick; In honor of my grandchildren Cia & David Villanueva, B'nai Mitzvah May 14th 2011 * Mr. & Mrs. Burt & Lorraine Stolove; For blessings received in honor of the Stolove Grandchildren * Dr. Jan Danielak; In memory of: Joseph Danielak and Anna Danielak * Janice & Steve Rothschid; In honor of The Birth of Rabbi & Rebitizen Lew's new son * Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bar Am; The Bar-Mitzvah of Nicholas Delorenzo Bar-Am * Mr. Stuart Conn * WestGate City Center *



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