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 CAMPAIGN CHAIR: Marilyn Sloan

 We gratefully acknowledge and thank those that have participated to date: 

Mr. & Mrs. Talmon and Ena Hertz * Mr. & Mrs. Roger Cowen * Dr. & Mrs. David and Janice Sheitelman * Ms. Rivkah Levinsohn - In loving memory of her mother * Dr. Larry Paule * Mr. Mendel Beck * Mr. Harry Stern * Dr. Charles Hecht * Dr. & Mrs. Paul Block * Mr. & Mrs. Fred Shapiro & Eileen Appleton-Shapiro * Mr. & Mrs. Yakov Yehuda * Mr. & Mrs. Dan Siegel - In honor of Shaya Lew's "Upsheren" - * Mr. & Mrs. Marc Eskinazi - In loving memory of  Marc's parents and grandparents; Solomon and Esther Eskinazi - * Mr. & Mrs. Betie Newton * Mr. Morty Bercovitch - In honor of his 80th Birthday Kene Hora - Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Bonni Schwartz * Mr. Zalman Hirsch * Mrs. Mary Bernath; In memory of My husband: Jack Bernath * Mr. & Mrs. Marvin and Marjorie Gordon * Ms. Adina Cherki; Jerusalem, Israel * Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Blake * Sun City Grand Shalom Club * Mr. Jordon Elbling *  Mr Allan Levy * Dr & Mrs Joseph Caplan * Ms. Leah Ziff; In honor of My children Binyomin and Ilana * Dovber Gopin * Mr. Uri Shemesh * Mr. Stan Blake * Mr. & Mrs. Stan Grossman * Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fineman * Dr. David Shipitofsky * Mr. Sam Goldstein in honor of his graduation from Arizona Summit Law School * Ms. Lynn (Leah) Russell; In memory of Faigel Bas Rivkah * Mr. & Mrs. Ben Zlochower * Mr. Sholom Laytin * Mr. & Mrs. Mendelowitz: In honor of Shaya Lew's "Upsheren" * Mr. & Mrs. Manny Raefsky * Rabbi & Mrs. Sruly Salek * Jan & Lou Sniderman; In memory of Barbara Jean Goldman, A"H, 21 April 1947- 14 October 2013* Mr. & Mrs. Jason Levi; In honor of HaShem who has blessed us and our family and continues to do so * Mr. & Mrs. James and Esther Toney * Mr. & Mrs. Moshe & Joan Yatziv * Marcie Poole; In memory of my parents Morris and Shirley Gerschenson * Mr. Pinchos Nadler *  Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Amiel; In honor of the engagement of Allison Amiel to Jonathan Pincus *  Mr. Neil Rubin * Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schwartz; In memory of The Oitzer Family *  Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Sharon Noorollah *  Mrs. Sharon Amon; in memory of Irving and Jeffrey Amon * Ms. Ruth Rakofsky * Elanor Sussman * Stan and Tochia Levine * Eugene Slutsky; In honor of his parents Mikhail and Zoya. May they always be in good health * Mr. & Alan Zeitlin *  Zalman Lew; In honor of his Bar Mitzvah * Mr. James Schecter; In memory of my beloved parents * Mr. & Mrs. Allen Ruhalter; In memory of their son Adam Keith Ruhalter * Mrs. Peninah Spinka; In honor of Chabad of the NW Valley for all the good they do for our Jewish community * Mrs. June Sherman * Mrs. Miriam Gopin * Mr. & Mrs. David and Marcia Dick *  



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