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Mr. & Mrs. Manny Raefsky; In memory of Dr. Eric Raefsky * Dr. Charles Hecht * Mr. & Mrs. Talmon and Ena Hertz * Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Susie Shlian * Mr. David Schweitzer * Mrs. Mary Bernath; In memory of Jack Bernath * Mr. Eli & Meritt Gluckowsky * Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schwartz * Mr. & Mrs. Marc Eskinazi; In memory of parents Solomon and Esther Eskinazi * Mr. Fred Shapiro and Mrs.Eileen Appleton-Shapiro * Mr. Mendel Beck * Mr. Harry Stern * Mrs. Shifra Finer * Mrs. Betie Newton * Mr. Josh Hope * Dr. & Mrs. David Sheitleman * Mr. & Mrs. Uri Shemesh * Mr. Zalman Hirsch * Mr. & Mrs. Yakov Yehuda * Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moskowitz; In honor of In honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Lew * Dr. Larry Paule * Mr. & Mrs. Jordon Elbling * Mr. & Mrs. Marvin and Marjorie Gordon; In honor of their 51st wedding anniversary in December * Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Zlochower * Mr. Stan Blake * Ms. Ruth Rakofsky; In loving memory of her dear mother Masha Bas Yisroel * Mr. Roland Davies * Mr. Mort (Meilach) Bercovitch; In honor of the Rebbe's arrivel to the USA, And in loving memory of my dear brother Dovid Ben Rochel * Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Debra Sarna * Ms. Sharon Cohen; In memory of her dear father Chai Ben Shimon * Mrs. Marilyn Sloan * Mr. & Mrs. Evan & Carolyn Bagner * Mrs. Sharon Amon; In memory of: Irving Amon & Jeffrey Amon * Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berenheim * Mr. Shimon Conn * Mr. & Mrs. David and Catherine Rothschild * Mr. & Mrs. Stan and Shirley Grossman * Mr. & Mrs. Sholom Laytin * Mr. & Mrs. Toney * Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Yatziv * Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Becker * Mr. & Mrs. Barayev * Mr. & Mrs. William and Marcia Bernstein; In loving memory of: My Mother Sonia Rosenberg, and; In memory of our sister MayBeth Antick Frank (Chaya Bassa bas Yosef) * Mr. Shmuel Maman * Ms. Natalie Morrison; In honor of Natalie & Phil together for 5 years * Mr. Yevgeni Slutskiy; In honor of the continuation of Torah study and related didactic activities, in the West Valley. In honor of myself and my family, so that we may be successful and healthy in the coming year * Mr. & Mrs. Dan Siegel; In honor of Shabbat Aliyah * Mr. Rudy Bellaiche * Mrs. Cheryl Lyons; In memory of her father Moishe Ben Shlomo OBM * Rabbi & Mrs. Yisroel Salek * Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Aimee Baram * Mr. James Schecter * Mr. & Mrs. Esther Gold; Brian (Baruch Hakohen Ben Berel Zelig) Gold * Mrs. Anne Kanter * Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Tratt * Ms. Phyllis Jacobs * Mr. & Mrs. Stan and Tochia Levine *


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