Show your support through the Arizona Tax Credit Program

Every Arizona tax payer that supports the CTO in 2017 will receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit up to a maximum of $1,089 for filing single or married (filing separate returns) and $2,177 for married (filing joint returns).

A tax credit is more beneficial than a tax deduction; it is a dollar-for-dollar credit to your Arizona tax liability.  In other words, you can pay your taxes to the State of Arizona or to the CTO.

Encourage your family and friends to support this worthy cause as well.  Even your company can get involved with matching donations.  It will not cost anyone a dime!  It WILL benefit the children and families in our community.  You do not need to have school-aged children to participate.  We encourage you to contact the CTO or your tax professional for further information about getting involved in this program.

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