The Chabad Center will be producing our own Jewish Art Calendar which will reach thousands of homes in the West Valley. It is replete with thematic artwork, and detailed information about upcoming holidays, as well as candle lighting times. The date boxes are quite practical with ample room for recording family appointments.

Make it YOURS by advertising your business or by entering your birthday, anniversary or any other meaningful dates.

Potential customers will view the colorful and informative Jewish Art Calendar the whole year round, thus providing maximum return for your dollar. It will undoubtedly be displayed in homes and offices throughout the community; thus insuring optimum visibility for your products or services.

Chabad of the West Valley is known for its activities that are geared to people of all religious and educational backgrounds. As this is part of our fundraising projects, your advertisement is crucial to our growth and continued ability to serve the community. Please take this opportunity to help us by being part of the publication of the Jewish Art Calendar.

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Deadline to Submit Ads: Tuesday, JULY 21, 2017
For information please call 480.227.0958 or email

Yes! I would like to advertise in the Jewish Art Calendar!
Business listings, personal messages, bar/bat mitzvah announcements, graduating student, etc. can be placed in a business card ad space.


Calendar Box - 1.25” x 1.25" $180 Quarter Page - 3.75” x 5" $540Business Card - 3.35" x 2" $300 Half Page -7.5” x 5$1080 Full Page - 7.5” x 10” $1,800 Full Month banner - 10.5x2" $600

Please include my family birthdays/yartzeits/anniversaries - $36 each
* Please type names exactly as you'd like them to appear in our calendar
* All birthdays, anniversaries and Yahrzeits will be displayed in the calendar box on the date which they occur
* Years are not required but will assist us in determining your Hebrew Birthday (Years will NOT be printed in the calendar).


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Please include advertisement information and text of your message below. Camera-ready ads can be emailed to   For New Years Greeting, please include the name of the person to appear in the calendar.
Example: Rabbi & Mrs. Lew or Family Lew, etc.