It happened again! One of our Cell phones was inadvertently misplaced and for the past two weeks or so, we have once again, not had the luxury of having the convenience of 24/6 communication.

And so, I found myself trekking to a local Cell phone store, and knowing I was entitled to an upgraded phone, I picked out a phone with all the bells and trimmings, the Blackberry curve!

What a wonderful tool this is. Now, I am able to access my Email's, favorite websites and above all, a bevy of Jewish content websites, all with a few clicks on my personal phone.

An hour or so after I had picked up this wonderful Phone (and after committing myself to another two years contract with my existing carrier) I realized that something was not quite right with my Phone. In fact, one of my “apps” was missing – not two hours after having received this “new wonder machine”!

A quick visit back to the store fixed the problem, after the techie showed me how to use the phone correctly. In fact, the information was readily available, had I just perused even casually the user’s manual.

It is the same story across the board with our lives, we have a user’s manual waiting to be used, guiding us to keep ourselves in communication with our own “apps”. This is of course why we study and observe the Torah, not to saddle ourselves with meaningless tasks, but to enable us to get the fuller and richer experience of life.